Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quilt Show

I spent the morning at the NW Quilt Expo. Leah's Spring, the quilt I finished in memory and honor of Leah was entered in the show. It did not win any ribbons. It was disappointing but I'm glad I went and looked at the other quilts. There was some really wonderful quilts at the show. It was inspiring to see what other quilters make.

I wandered up and down the aisles looking at all the quilts and all the new fabric, patterns and other paraphernalia related to quilting. It was overwhelming. I loved it. I saw several things I really wanted but I was wise enough to take my credit cards out of my wallet before I left and I only had twenty dollars in cash along. So I bought nothing. There was a time in a vendor's booth where I desperately searched through my purse to see if by chance I had some credit card along that I missed -- no luck. And now after arriving home I'm glad I didn't purchase that pattern and fabric. Is all I had to do was to walk in my studio and see the two unfinished quilts laying there to know that I have plenty to keep me busy for years. Not to even mention last years fabric and patterns that were purchased at the expo and have not even left the bag they arrived home in! I did spend the rest of the afternoon working on a gift idea that goes right along with quilting. I'll post more when it's done. Aah, the joys of sewing and creating and the inspiration of a quilt show!
p.s. That's Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries sitting at the table in this photo.

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Quayquilter said...

I was there yesterday too and thought your quilt was lovely - quiet and reflective. Sometimes very garish and striking quilts win but they are not always what one would like to own. I was limited in my purchasing too - we're going back home on Sunday and there's no more room in the suitcases.