Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Favorite Tools

Sometimes a lot of tools are required to make a quilt beautiful. This quilt has required a lot of tools. From rulers of several different sizes, to marking pens, and then many plastic templates in various sizes and shapes. I have some rulers and templates that have been purchased from longarm suppliers and some that I have had made at TAPs Plastics. They are not very expensive if you have them cut and most of the time, they can do it while you wait. My favorite little ruler is the 'Little Girl' by the Gadget Girls. It's perfect for so many things, and with the marking lines it makes it easy to straight lines. Another favorite tool is this neon pink s-shaped tool. I have used the many different curves, espeically on this quilt. All in all there was 13 rulers/templates used in Leah's Spring quilt.

Another tip that has been helpful especially on this quilt is to sew a small piece of plain fabric somewhere along the edge. This piece can be used to test out tension, designs or other marking. It came in handy when trying to determine the speed to run the machine at when doing these small circles. I tried fast but it was too hard to control exactly where the circles would go, too slow made it difficult to get a nice looking circle. So running at a medium slow speed seemed best.

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