Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 Customer Quilts

These quilts belong to 2 sisters.  I do quite a bit of quilting for them and always love their work.  I love the black house quilt.  The quilting doesn't show up but I used a leaf vine around the houses.  The pastel quilt with the little girls around the border turned out beautifully.  I decided to do curved cross-hatching in the girl's dresses.  It was a time consuming process but the finished look 'made' the quilt in my view.

Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time to get back to quilting

I have had almost a month off from quilting.  In that month there has been more overnight guests, more events than I can ever remember.  We had a lot of family here for the Thanksgiving holiday.  And that was just the beginning.  There were holiday parties, birthdays, a wedding and great family times.  The last event happened today -- our 2nd grandson was born at 11:47 this morning.  It was so exciting to finally meet him.  I will post a picture soon.  We still have one more grandson to come in March.  Three grandsons in 3 months -- how amazing.
Tonight I feel worn out.  Tomorrow I hope to be back in my studio quilting with lots of energy.  Though it may take me a few days to get up to speed.
I have been thinking about setting one goal for my business for 2012.  It's to get better organized in my studio especially with my own sewing projects.  So to that end, I'm going to come up with a plan, steps to take and hopefully make some real progress in that area. 
Happy New Year to all my followers and fellow quilters!