Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Favorite Season

Fall is my favorite season. I love the cool crisp days yet still plenty of sunshine. The colors are also my favorite -- reds, golds, oranges. I love fall activities. Most of my canning is done in late summer and through the fall. There's football, raking leaves, cleaning out the garden. It's moving from outdoors to indoors, from hot weather to cool weather, from picnics to Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, it's also my favorite holiday. That may be partly due to the house full of relatives we usually have here but again, it's the colors and food that also make it a great occasion. Some of my favorite quilts are also my fall quilts so I look forward to getting those up on my walls. I'm posting a few photos of what is currently up in my living room as well as some of my other fall decorations.

Another fun part of fall is changing the valances over my windows. I don't remember where I got the idea of hanging three 20" squares on rods over my windows but it's been one of the best decorating ideas. A 20" square is about the size of a cloth napkin so you don't even have to sew these. I have many of these so that I can change the look of what is over my window frequently. These are my fall valances. I have valances for Christmas (red and green), valances for January (with snowflakes on them), valances for February (with hearts) and then several others for whatever mood my living room seems to be in! But fall is definitely my favorite.

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