Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Other Days

We all need a 'other day' from time to time. It's where we take a break from what we usually do and do something different, something 'other'. Today I had one of those days. I finished a quilt very early (9:30 a.m.) and decided to reorganize my canning jars and pantry in the garage. It's a job that no one really wants to do, anyway, I don't know of anyone who wants to do it who lives here. The feeling of accomplishment when a task like that is completed is wonderful. I finished that job by 11:30. So it was time to do something fun. I sewed a dress for my granddaughter. I bought the fabric way back at the beginning of summer intending to make a sundress for her. Here it is the first day of fall and it's finally made. The good news is that I made it a size big so maybe she'll be able to wear it next summer. The other good news is that it's almost 90 outside. It's perfect attire for today -- I better run it over to her before the weather changes!

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