Monday, September 28, 2009

Gift for a quilter

I've been having fun the last couple days making gifts for my quilt retreat buddies. Not sure what they should be called since the pattern came mostly out of my head. Maybe, pin cushion, thread catcher bag combo. The idea started from something I saw at a quilt store probably 5 years ago. I barely remember it other than a bag to put fabric snippets and threads and a pin cushion combination. I don't know if it was from a pattern or something someone at a quilt shop made up. Anyway, every year for my quilt retreat, I give a small gift to everyone. Last year I decided to make these thread catcher bag/pin cushions and cut out some of the pieces. But I ran out of time so the supplies and idea was all shoved in a bag and stored with all my other unfinished projects. This year fortunately I remembered the project and made them up with still two weeks to go until the retreat. Wow! Something actually done early! I took pictures of the whole process step by step and also wrote out the directions. My plan is to put them on a page linked to this blog so that anyone who wants to try making these can. It was a fun diversion from the usual quilting.

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