Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love of Canning

I love to quilt. I love to sew. I enjoy most things about homemaking. But I am passionate about canning. I canned my first pickles the first summer after we were married. They were terrible! I wasn't about to give up because there was a sense of satisfaction that came from seeing those beautiful green cucumbers in a jar. So every year (with probably very few exceptions) I have canned something. This year was my biggest canning year ever. In the last two months I have canned 186 jars of different things. Almost everything has been from my garden. That means the cost is almost negligible. My shelves are full of beets, beans, bluberries, salsa, peaches, jams, cherries, many tomato products and pickles. I'm not done yet. There are still more tomatoes to harvest and those will be made into spaghetti sauce and salsa. By the way, we opened our first jar of pickles last week -- they are delicious!

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