Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sewing Purses

Another purse! It's been fun to do these little projects. They are little compared to some of the quilts I'm working on. This purse is for my daughter who leaves for Hawaii and other parts of the world in 2 weeks. She is attending a photography and Bible school in Hawaii for three months and then will travel to another part of the world to use her skills. What an adventure! I sometimes wish I was going. At least I have my sewing and quilting to keep me occupied -- and soon a new quilt/sewing studio. That's the silver lining about a child moving away. You get an empty room but hopefully a chance to fill it up with something exciting. My sister is turning one of her children's bedrooms, who has left the nest, into a library. I love that idea too. Hmm, who will be next to leave!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Digs

The addition when it was under construction

I am so excited!!! I am getting a new quilt studio. It's over twice the size of my current space! Words can't even begin to tell how exciting this is. I have been without a sewing room for almost 17 years. My sewing machine has been in the family room, a hallway and our bedroom. Now at last my sewing will be able to go in the same room as my quilt studio.

My old studio -- only 9' by 15'

We added a family room unto our home 3 years ago with the intention that someday it would be my studio. At the time we needed it to house 2 of our children. Now with one daughter married and the other about to leave for a school in Hawaii the room will become my studio. The room is 16 by 16 so it has plenty of room for my longarm and my sewing.

Right now I'm planning the room. My sister gave me the book, 'Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space' by Lois Hallock several years ago. Many of the ideas and information is very helpful to planning my new studio.

I'll try to update this blog regularly of my progress. My plan is to be completely moved in my 'new digs' by mid April.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Purse

These purses have been fun to make -- almost addicting. Here's another one. This took longer than the first because I put piping around the middle and added a pocket into the seam between the handles. This one is for me.