Sunday, August 30, 2009

Almost Ready to Quilt

I'm putting the final hand applique stitches in Leah's Spring quilt. I'm so excited to get this on the machine and start quilting. I should do another customer quilt or two before I start this one. Hmm, we'll see what happens. I have thought so much about this quilt. The time and effort will hopefully turn out a beautiful work of art. As soon as it's on and started I will post pictures.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Win This Quilt

You can win this quilt!!! This is the 4-H raffle quilt. It will be raffled at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds, located in Canby, Oregon a week from Sunday. You can purchase tickets for the raffle starting this Saturday at the 4-H building. That is where the quilt will be on display. That means I have one day to finish it! It's almost done. If you love fall colors, and beautiful quilting then purchase a ticket. Who knows, you may win the quilt!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Leah's Quilt

Here's the latest photo of Leah's Spring, my green and white quilt that has sweet peas appliqued on it. I love how it's turning out. I'm working on the appliques for the border and then it will go on my quilt machine. I have been thinking and drawing different quilting design ideas -- I am so looking forward to doing this quilt. I hope to have it on the machine the week after fair and completed by Labor Day weekend. Stay tuned for more pictures.

Week of Sewing and Quilting

It's the week before fair. For some of you who read this blog, you know what that means. Kate has entered about 6 things and as usual, we only have one of them completed. And since I am a 4-H superintendent of clothing, knitting and crocheting out at the Clackamas County Fair, I also have a bundle of things to finish up before Saturday. I have the raffle quilt hanging in my studio for the 4-H raffle. It's a beautiful quilt and I plan to have it quilted by Saturday. Then there's the paperwork -- piles of it. So this week will probably mostly consist of helping my daughter get her sewing projects completed, filling out the paperwork, checking to be sure I have everything covered for my unbelievable busy week that I will have next week, and getting that raffle quilt done. I would have to say, though, I love fair and seeing what all these 4-H kids create. I'm so glad that most of my children have participated in 4-H and I think as adults it has helped them in many areas of life. I'll post a picture of the raffle quilt as soon as it's mostly completed. Everyone should head out to the fairgrounds next week (Tuesday - Sunday) and purchase a raffle ticket. The sales aren't usually huge so your odds of winning are pretty good.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacation Quilting

I must admit that my idea of a perfect vacation is a quiet place, a beautiful view, a good book and some handwork. There is a time and place for adventure and all sorts of entertainment but a true vacation is rest, relaxation and a chance to have 'down time'. I always take handwork along. I love to applique, embroider, knit, crochet and attach bindings. I just love handwork. Sometimes it's good during a movie. In fact I know some quilters who measure their time to hand stitch bindings on in terms of a 2 movie binding or a 3 movie binding, etc.

Tomorrow we leave on vacation. I plan to take my quilt, Leah's Spring, and work on the applique in the center block. I also have another quilt along (my brown quilt) that needs a lot more applique work before it will be complete. I'm taking some knitting. Of course probably only one of these will see any progress, but having a variety of handwork options always seems like a good idea on vacation. Where we are going there will be things to do, pools to swim in, hikes to take, bikes to ride, canoes to paddle down a river, etc. Most likely my family will enjoy those things immensely and I'll spend some of our time participating. My handwork, though, will be my true vacation!