Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Productive Day of Quilting

If I can get a lot of interrupted time (no phone calls, no kids to run here and there etc.) I can usually accomplish a lot of quilting.  Today was one of those days.  The phone didn't ring, my kids were all gone and I quilted from about 6 am until 3:00.  I finished the quilt you see right below this morning then did two small quilts.   These small ones are so cute.  I especially like the embroidered cat one.  It does reflect my life -- cook, shop, iron, quilt, sweep, etc.  The only thing that wasn't on the quilt was computing:)

Finally back to quilting

August is always one of the busiest months for me.  Everything is coming ripe in my garden and needs tending.  I work the Clackamas County Fair as a 4-H superintendent and that take about 10 days out of the month (many of them 12 hour days).  Our family also went camping and I spent 2 days with my oldest daughter.  So here it is the end of the month and I'm finally back to quilting. This quilt was started around the 1st of August.  I love the final look -- though I must say I was very tired of it after hours and hours of quilting.  One of the best parts of this quilt is the way the colors of each star block are placed in the quilt.  The fabrics are all batiks.  Beautiful!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Customer Quilt

I have done a bunch of easy all-over patterns on quilts lately.  They go fast.  Now I'm working on a quilt that will probably take quite a few days to complete.  Lots of quilting.  It is coming along beautifully though.  It was one of those quilts that I knew almost immediately what I was going to quilt on it.  Sometimes that can be such a dilemna but not with this one.  I'll post pictures when it's done.