Saturday, April 4, 2009

Color Choices

I have to choose a paint color for my studio. Since it has been my adult daughter's room there is no doubt that it must be repainted. Right now it has about 4 different colors on the wall and some zebra type lines as well as circles that say my daughter's name. I've gone to different decorating websites to look at what color is 'in'. I've been to several paint stores to look at colors. I now possess a multitude of paint chips, but what color do I paint it? The room has 5 windows (what luxury) so there is plenty of light in the room. My old studio is several shades of a golden yellow so I don't want to repeat that color. Most likely it will not be painted again or at least not for many years. Going neutral is safe but rather boring. Lately, I've gone in for more dynamic colors. Last fall I painted our half bath a pea green color -- I loved it. I have two brown walls in my living room and my dining room and kitchen have two deep red walls. My favorite color for the last few years has been green. I like to wear green, my eyes are a blue-green. Bottom line, though, is that I don't have much money to spend on paint and I have a can of green paint and a can of white paint. The green is darker than I want but if I mix them together -- hmm, it will be a surprise color. My own personal color of green. Stay tuned for pictures!

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