Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sewing Purses

Another purse! It's been fun to do these little projects. They are little compared to some of the quilts I'm working on. This purse is for my daughter who leaves for Hawaii and other parts of the world in 2 weeks. She is attending a photography and Bible school in Hawaii for three months and then will travel to another part of the world to use her skills. What an adventure! I sometimes wish I was going. At least I have my sewing and quilting to keep me occupied -- and soon a new quilt/sewing studio. That's the silver lining about a child moving away. You get an empty room but hopefully a chance to fill it up with something exciting. My sister is turning one of her children's bedrooms, who has left the nest, into a library. I love that idea too. Hmm, who will be next to leave!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Ooo, I love that bag! Is this another "whip it up" bag or is there a pattern I can copy??

PS-I kinda wish I was going with Charissa too!