Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Day Of Quilting

The change from my old studio to my new studio feels rather like moving from Motel 6 to the Hilton. I have almost twice the space. I've gone from cement floor where I had to wear special rubberized clogs to keep my feet from aching to quilting in my stocking feet. Gone are the days of only one window so on some quilts I could only work at certain hours when the light was coming in just right through the window. Today I even burned some new music onto a CD and cranked it up in my studio. I could actually dance to it if I wanted to (and only if no one was watching)! Before I started this customer's quilt I laid it across the machine and stepped back -- 10 whole feet and was able to visualize different designs from a distance. Regular breaks in my quilting were spent by gazing out the windows at all the yard work that needed to be done, the cats wandering around the yard and often staring back at me -- wondering what in the world I was doing in that room! Funny how a new space can inspire quilting. My enthusiasm for quilting felt like it had gone up several notches. There's still a pile of bins and boxes in one corner but that can wait for another day -- right now I need to quilt!


Anna said...

Laurie, this looks fantastic!!

I think perhaps Rick may need to do a sermon on covetousness...I've got a bad case of it!


Miss Gina Designs said...

Wow! Lovely studio!