Friday, April 10, 2009

Painting the new studio

Today is the day -- the new studio is being painted! I'm so excited. My husband prefers to do the painting -- a wise choice since I'm a messy painter. So I've had to wait for his day off -- today. The color is a mix of 4 different cans of paint, one from a clearance rack at a paint store, one from my daughter that was unused, one from a discount store and a part of a gallon from our garage. The mix was two gallons green, one gallon a greyish white and another part of a gallon of paint that was white. The end result is a creamy green that I'll affectionately name, 'studio green'. It looks great. Next will be the move. All my daughters things have to be taken out and then my longarm must be dismantled. Getting the longarm out of my old studio will be a challenge. Not sure how soon the move will take place since it will require several strong people's help. Stay tuned!

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Anna said...

Wish my husband wanted to take the painting reins!!

Looks great.