Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two Amazing Quilts

Over the last couple weeks, I've been working on these quilts. They are gorgeous. I think the blue and white quilt has the most amazing applique I've ever seen (reverse applique). This quilt was brought to me already quilted. It was just outline quilted and the one sashing strip quilting was taken out and a small feather was put in there. Then all the background quilting was added to each block -- all 120 of them! I add some straight lines on one side of the appliques in the border and a feather on the outside. The bottom picture is what the quilt looked like when I received it and shows the sashing stitching I took out. I'm pleased with the final outcome. Even the back is beautiful. The brown quilt is a favorite because I love the color combination -- kind of reminds me to finish the brown quilt I have (only needs to be quilted). Enjoy the pictures. I'm glad I could work on something so beautiful while going through all this stress these last weeks.

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