Monday, March 28, 2011

Hawaiin Bags

I decided I needed a new beach type bag for Hawaii. Having very little time to make this I grabbed some fat quarters in blue and green. After sewing them together, I put the piece on the longarm and quilted it. Then it was cut out, a zippered pocket sewn on the front and a zipper pocket sewn in the lining (not shown). It took me about half a day to make this beach bag. Then I decided I needed a small bag just to carry a few essentials around. So I made another zippered bag with a long shoulder strap so I can put it over both shoulders and wear it more securely. Now I feel ready to go! We leave Wednesday morning -- I'm so excited!


Tracey said...

Hope you guys have a WONDERFUL time!!! We will be praying for a safe trip!!!!! God Bless!


Tracey said...

OH, forgot to add; LOVE the beach bags!!!!! Wonderful job! Wish I could do stuff like that!!

Anna said...

Was it a great trip?!?