Friday, June 26, 2009

New Quilt

I've had this bolt of green fabric for several years. I love the fabric but a bolt is a lot! The other day I was looking at it and realized it was the same color that I painted my new studio. An idea for a quilt for the wall started to take shape. A two color quilt would be a challenge. An even greater challenge would be to use only two fabrics and make it still look stunning. I decided to use another bolt of fabric from my personal store of white fabric. So now I had white and green. They looked beautiful together. My idea was a few blocks of high contrast, a wide white border for some extra special quilting, and the center also of white to applique a block design somewhere. I found a block pattern I liked and so I began to cut. The block is a square in a square design in the center and then a triangle border. I got all the fabric cut and started to sew. Right away I could see that the block was missing something. It needed another color to make it pop. A yummy soft yellow was pulled from my stash and it seemed perfect. So now to add those. Hmm -- so far so good. The trick will be to make the applique block compliment and stand out in the center. But today it's just getting the blocks sewn. Stay tuned for more progress.

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