Friday, June 19, 2009

Machine Quilting With My Sister

This last week both my sisters came to visit. I had been so looking forward to this that when they left it felt totally depressing. But we had a great time -- just not long enough. They came to meet my new little granddaughter, Leah Grace, and I know that meant a lot to them to see her while she is still living and get to hold her. They also came to have fun, and fun we had! We shopped, ate out, went to coffee at the starbucks where my daughter works, got lost trying to find a quilt shop but ended up finding a cool produce farm and garden center. We watched a chick flick, visited the Garden Corner and oohed and aahed over their beautiful garden. We talked family, our lives and our interests. We laughed hilariously over a book we found in a bookstore called, 'Housewives Gone Wild' and decided that would be a fitting description for our few days together!!

My younger sister also is a machine quilter with a longarm, so we put on some plain fabric and played around one morning. We tried out lots of ideas. It was inspiring and fun. My sister informed me that I need new wheels on my Gammill. She got new wheels a couple years ago and said there was quite a difference between her machine and mine. That will set me back a fistfull of money but I know she's right.

I'm posting pictures of our machine quilting play and other events. I can't imagine life without my sisters!

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