Monday, May 25, 2009

Recycled Leaders

When I moved into my new studio, I put new canvas leaders on my machine. I had bought them a couple years ago because one old leader had a large rip in it. With the move, it seemed like the perfect time to finally get those on. Throwing away the old leader seemed like such a waste, but what to do with the canvas? Finally it came to me, make shopping bags from them. I have wanted to purchase some shopping bags but don't like how cheaply most of them are made and refuse to spend more than a buck or two for one. So what a perfect solution. Best of all, it only took me about an hour and a half to make both bags. I found some quilt blocks that were for who knows what project to sew on the front just to make them more decorative. Now I'll be getting my groceries in style! My mother and grandmother's voice echos in my mind, "waste not, want not". I didn't waste and if I can get about 5 more of these made (since a typical trip to the grocery store involves about 7 bags of groceries) I'll not want either. These things are so sturdy that I think they may outlast me!

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