Thursday, May 21, 2009

Creating A Garden Vignette

I have so many ideas for my yard. The problem is the cost of my vision. Gardens with vignettes have always appealed to me. A special chair or bench, surrounded by interesting garden art or beautiful plants are so inviting. There is a corner in my backyard that now houses our canoe that I have a vision of a beautiful vignette with a pergola, a bench, a stone patio or walkway and surrounded by wisteria, roses, and lots of beautiful blooms. I hope that in the next year or two that area will become a reality.

Today I spent most of the afternoon in my garden. I weeded, planted more flowers, fertilized and best of all created a little vignette. My youngest child's wagon has been stored in our shed for quite a few years. While I was hunting for our outdoor lanterns and other garden decorations in the shed, I thought, "that would look wonderful in a garden area with some pots around it. It only took about an hour to dig out a spot, get the wagon in place, a fill a few pots with flowers that should eventually cascade over the edge of pot and wagon. How fun to add something bright, and full of great memories to my yard.

My plans for this week of staycation involved yard work and so today felt like a task well done!

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