Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dealing With the Unexpected

I've been around long enough to know that most days don't go as expected. There is always the unknown that happens, things out of our control. My first day off was no exception to that rule. And as usual my expectations for what I could accomplish were much higher than was possibible in a day. But if I've learned one thing in life, it is that since life rarely turns out as you had hoped or wished you better find contentment and joy in what you have.

I started out my day by taking care of my granddaughter while my daughter-in-law and my other granddaughter went to a doctor's appointment. That was a good time. I went grocery shopping with my daughter, Callie and my granddaughter and then we came home and made lunch for my daughter-in-law, Kristine and Leah. Every minute spent with Leah is a joy. She is almost 2 months old and considering she was not expected to live at all, every day that I see her is not an interruption but a delight. Holding her and loving her, despite all the difficulties she has brings great joy. We know our days with her won't be as long as we would wish, so having her as part of my day was wonderful.

In the afternoon, I planned to start a silk quilt that is for my daughter and son-in-law who got married last fall. It was supposed to be for their wedding, but hey, if they get it by their first anniversary I'd say that's doing really well! So I cut some of the fabrics (see phot0). I have never made a quilt out of silk so I can see it's going to be a challenge. Working with fabrics that don't have the stability of cotton may require some different techniques other than the typical 1/4 inch seam. After cutting one set of blocks I could see there wasn't enough fabric to do the whole quilt. So I need to go hunt more fabric down.

Meanwhile, a customer called and had thought I would have her quilt done by now. I had planned on doing it last week but didn't get to it. So I quickly put the quilt on, worked several hours and got it done, and she came and picked it up. Another unplanned event of the day.

It wasn't really frustrating though, but just part of living. There's always a choice to get bent out of shape and frustrated or 'go with the flow' and enjoy the unplanned. I did have time to hang some antiques in my kitchen (see photo) and work in my yard. So what unexpected events will be in my day tomorrow?

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