Friday, April 9, 2010

Studio Anniversary

I just realized today that it's been one year since I moved to my new studio. The elation I feel when I walk through that door is still there. To have over double the space from my old little studio--what a blessing. I can sew in my studio instead of at the dining room table or a table set up somewhere else. My studio can double as a guest room when needed. In fact it was a guest room for two over Thanksgiving. But best of all to me is the windows. There are five windows that all look out at the backyard. I can see my garden. I can see the start of the hydrangea I propagated that is planted right below one window. I can watch my kids play basketball on the court that is just feet away (sometimes too close when the balls are really flying). Because the studio is an addition to our home I can even see into the living and dining area of the main part of the house. It faces east so early in the morning there's often the view of a beautiful sunrise. It is a wonderful room! It's also painted one of my favorite colors - candy apple green (a slightly lighter shade). I have a favorite quilt on the wall -- Leah's Spring. I found a kitchen wheeled cart that is the perfect height for a cutting table and because it has wheels it can be moved around. It's a perfect space. And now it's been a year since I've been in there -- I better go celebrate by sewing something!

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