Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pinwheel Quilt

Here's a customer quilt that I really like. I used this same line of fabric at Christmas for a quilt I made for a gift. It's a Moda line and the colors are just beautiful. The quilt turned out really nice even though it ended up being way more hours than I had anticipated when I gave the customer the quote. Oh well, better to have a quilt go out the door with extra work and even better than it came in then to do a less then expected job. I tend to use the design in the cream rectangles pretty frequently when I want to put a design in a sashing area. This quilt had a large pieced area in the center of the backing. There were a couple times that I could feel that the seams had come together on both top and back and made it almost too bulky for the needle to pass through. There was one time the needle refused to go, so that block pattern is slightly off. Fortunately it was in a very patterned area so would be hard even for me to find. This was number 1,010 quilt completed!

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