Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gardening, applique and noteworthy quilt

Spring seems to be in full bloom right now which means summer gardening is about to begin. I can't wait. Yesterday I went a bought a new compost bin. That was exciting! It's already partially filled with chicken manure and straw. Today I went to The Garden Corner, my favorite place for gardening ideas, plants, etc. and bought asparagus, blueberries, and seed potatoes. I hope to plant them all tomorrow.
I've also been working many long hours on the community garden. It has been so fun. The enthusiasm from the community and my team of 12 who are working on this with me is wonderful. The funding is in (all $4,000.) to develop the garden, the garden plots are all rented (with a waiting list of 15 people), and even the garden class tomorrow has a high enrollment. There's many out there who want to garden and this community garden will meet many needs. You can check out the community garden website at
My goal of appliqueing four leaves everyday worked until I ran out of leaves. I have new ones cut out and will do a post on my favorite way of appliqueing soon. So I'm behind the 4 a day by two days already -- probably won't catch up, but when the leaves are ready, I'll get back to my goal.
A customer's quilt won best of show in a shop hop contest. She emailed me the news and photo of the quilt. If you want to see it, scroll down to the pie quilt. It was really cute and I'm glad she won!

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