Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting a New Quilting Year

2010 has arrived. I have now done over 1,000 customer quilts. That's a milestone and quite an accomplishment. Now it's time to start a new year. I have a pile of quilts stacked up waiting their turn on the longarm. Tomorrow the first will be loaded and then it's off and running. I still need to do some annual maintenance on the longarm. The bobbin case and check spring need replacing. I'll also clean and oil it really well. My machine has run very well for almost 10 years. When I first got the machine I tried to think of a clever name for it, but nothing has really ever stuck, except maybe mac (short for machine). Mac has needed very little maintenance over the years and has only once been retimed. I'm impressed with the sturdiness and dependability of the Gammill machines. I don't think I'd trade for a different brand. I've thought of upgrading to more bells and whistles and that day may come, but right now I'm content with the way things are. My mac and I work as a team. I can hear when the bobbin is running low; I know when it needs oil or when the needle sounds a little dull. Familiarity is a good thing. So Mac and I are ready for 2010.

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Donna said...

Looking forward to seeing all the quilts you do this year and hoping to be that familiar with my machine one day.