Friday, January 8, 2010

Being Creative and Having Fun

Just before the new year began, I bought a new planner. I have used a notebook for many years, but decided I didn't want to carry the notebook around anymore. There was way too much stuff in the notebook that wasn't used. So I went hunting for the perfect planner. I finally found one I really liked. It has a page where you can see the whole month at a glance with a space down the side for lists. Then it is divided into weekly sections, with the days of the week on one side and a 'to do' list on the other side. Each page has a sidebar with either menu or grocery list. That's pretty much exactly what I need in my planner. The inside was perfect, but the outside -- never had I seen a more unattractive cover. Even several of my daughters made a comment on it. There was also the need to have a cover that closed so whatever gets stuck inside remains there. So into my fabric stash I went and pulled out some coordinates from a Paris line. I made my own piping for the trim, quilted the cover on my longarm and then spent a couple hours trying to figure out how to get it to go together! That was a task that required several times of ripping out stitching. But in the end I'm very happy with the way my planner looks. The button is an antique and the pink loop adds a spash of color. Now I can plan away!

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