Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Quilt of 2010

I think it will take awhile to get used to writing or typing 2010. For some reason my fingers just don't want to adjust to that pattern. It also seems like 2010 is a bigger jump in numbers than say going from 2008 to 2009. I still vividly remember it turning 1980 and feeling then like life was going by too fast.

So here it is, a new year and now my first quilt of 2010 is done. It was a fun one to do once I finally decided on the quilting pattern. The design was quite simple. I added a new twist to the feathered wreaths in each block by alternating each feather full size and then half size. I like the way it looks and will use it again. Many times when doing a feather block I put a different design in the center rather than the inside row of feathers. It's hard to make the inside row look perfect without using a template and that adds so much time on to the quilting that if I'm going for a less expensive way to do a customer's quilt (per their request to keep the cost down) I usually find another design to do inside the feather wreath. This design allowed me to only have one stop and start in each block. I followed the seam down to the center of the block with SID so it would be hidden. Start to finish this quilt only took about 4 hours.


Anna said...

Beautiful monochromatic pinks! Lovely.

Anna said...

By the way...4 hours?? Amazing.