Thursday, January 15, 2009

To make a list or not?

Frequently I'm faced with the decision about making lists. Do I make a list of my unfinished quilt projects was a recent dilemna? A list can be a good thing. It can reveal clearly the tasks ahead of me. I can see progress by having a list. The negatives though, at least for me, can be the discouragement that comes with feeling overwhelmed by the list. If I know that it may take years to complete what's on my list -- hmm, that may make me never want to even start. Well, I've always been a list maker so even though my list of unfinished sewing projects (mostly quilts) is really long and I didn't even include a few projects that I now have no desire to finish, I made a list. It contains 20 projects. Some might require only a day or two to complete, well might be years before they are completed. The good news -- I already have 3 done on my list!

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