Thursday, January 15, 2009

Latest Project

My latest quilt is a pattern called Star Light Quilt. I received this pattern from a customer who had me quilt her Star Light Quilt top. I fell so in love with the design that she graciously sent me the pattern. Wanting a larger quilt than the pattern showed, I added more blocks and then finally some borders, so I'm ending up with a quilt that is considerably larger than what I usually make for our queen-sized bed. This should make my husband very happy since he ocassionally complains that the quilts need to be bigger. Now I began the long and tedious task of hand appliqueing all the vines, leaves, and flowers on the borders. This will probably take months of work (because I have so little spare time). But my goal is to finish the quilt sometime this summer and by fall have it on our bed. So stay tuned...

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Perfect Heirlooms said...

This quilt is beautiful! I love the colors you chose.