Saturday, January 24, 2009

Learning to Knit

I'm learning something new -- I'm learning to knit! I love to learn new things. It adds fun and excitement to one's life to take on something new. So knitting is my latest challenge. I think I learned to knit as a very small child but have long ago forgotten. Now thanks to a young women, Andrea, (who I met through 4-H) I have learned to knit. So far it's just a couple squares that will be dishcloths. Hopefully someday I will go on to more difficult things. For now I am just enjoying the experience and my new creations.


quilting forum said...

I hope she works out for you...she is just adorable.

Anna said...

We should have a knit-night some time! I've been trying to move past hats and scarves, but I'm a little scared! It would be great to have others around to ask questions of.