Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sewing a Wedding Dress

I really love to sew. Whether it's sewing a quilt, pillows, purses, curtains, decorations, clothes, etc. I enjoy it. The challenge I started today is sewing my daughter's wedding dress. This will only be the third wedding dress I've made. Most people wouldn't tackle such a project or do it with fear of ruining one of the most important parts of the wedding -- 'the dress'! I think I felt somewhat that way when I sewed my younger daughter's wedding dress two years ago. But after finishing and seeing how beautiful it turned out I don't have that fear with this dress. In some ways this dress will be more difficult because of all the hand beading and lace on the dress. I have read books on couture sewing, watched some videos and basically I feel capable of doing this. So we start with the muslin. It's precisely that, the dress sewed out of cheap muslin. The seams are all at least 1" wide. There's writing on the fabric identifying each piece and making marks where changes need to be made. When a muslin is sewn the seams are put on the outside. That makes it easier to adjust. Yesterday, I made the muslin for my daughter's dress. She only got to try on the top before she had to leave for work but that fit almost perfectly. I'll have her try it all on today and then probably leave it on the dress form for a week or two before getting back to work on it. The wedding is December 19 -- plenty of time to get the dress sewn!

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Kate said...

Do you have any finished pictures?