Thursday, September 23, 2010

Expo Quilt Show

I saw some stunning quilts today. Many art quilts at this show. It was fun to see what other quilters entered in the show. When I first came into the show I headed to the right to go down the first aisle of quilts and there around the first corner was my wholecloth quilt hanging. It was exciting to see it especially with the blue ribbon hanging next to it. There were a couple ladies standing by it insisting that it was all done on a computerized longarm. I didn't correct them -- if only they knew how much work that quilt really was! Here's a couple photos of me by the quilt and then after the award was given holding the certificate I received (along with the check for the award). A good day in the quilting world for me!

1 comment:

grandmarockton said...

This was Beautiful! I'm sure the fairies dusted you with thier magic dust to do this! Does it need a home? lol