Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I like to quilt outside the box. What I mean is, I don't like patterns, especially those that are just repetitious and you see them on so many quilts. Now that doesn't mean I don't do that kind of quilting. It's really the bread and butter of my quilting. But being creative, just going with the flow, not really sure what I'm going to do until it's actually done -- that's me. So as I have mentioned in this blog before, I want to do a whole cloth quilt. The books and other instructions I have read all say to draw out the designs on your fabric before beginning. For me, that's a mind block. It's tedious, and requires too much thinking and planning. So yesterday I ironed a solid piece of fabric that was purchased to someday make a whole cloth quilt. I drew a big X in the center and then another so that basically there are 8 lines coming out from the center of the quilt. Then I loaded the piece on the longarm. I have decided that other than these 8 lines, everything else just comes as I think of it. Not much planning and not a lot of thought. This quilt will probably be on my machine for several weeks (it's my break from customer work -- remember) and I'll just do a little whenever time permits and I have a new idea. I have no idea what the end result will be. I'll try to post pictures throughout the process. I may hate this quilt and say, "that didn't work" or it may end up in a quilt show! I've called this quilt 'Spontaneity'. Stay tuned!

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Quilt Inspiration said...

Hi Laurie,

We love your blog, and we just joined as a Google Follower. Your longarm quilting is absolutely exquisite. We can't wait to see every lovely project that you finish ! Thank you so much for your blog articles, which as very interesting and well-written.

Marina and Daryl at Quilt Inspiration