Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tired Sewing Machine

My main sewing machine seems to be giving up the ghost. I'm not sure how long I've had it, but probably close to 15 years. And it has a lot of miles on it. I can't begin to count the number of quilts that have been sewn on it. There's also been many home decorating projects, a couple wedding dresses and many bridesmaid dresses. My daughters have all sewn on the machine. Over the last few months the machine has become very noisy, the tension not good and regular thread breakage. Yesterday it became so frustrating that I put the machine away and got out an old machine. I have 5 sewing machines but they are old and I'm spoiled by the computerized machine. I imagine it will be expensive to fix. I'm debating whether I get it fixed or purchase another computerized machine. I know I won't put the money into a machine like I did this last one. It had a lot of stitches, several alphabets and many options I just never used. There are some things I wouldn't do without, like a needle up down, the buttonhole stitch, a machine that makes good buttonholes and a few decorative stitches. But I don't need an alphabet. So now I have to contemplate my options and decide a course of action.

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Pat said...

I too have a few machines set up for different functions. I had three older machines serviced and gave them to my neices. I agree. I love the new machines with some of the new features.
Your quilting is most fabulous, my dear. Looks like some work I've had a quilter do for me. My quilts cost me more to have quilted like you do, but Ifind it worth the expense on my special quilts. I had a horror story on a quilter who quilted or should I say not quilted a Dahlia quilt of mine, that I was going to put in a show. Needless to say, for the lack of quilting, etc. I coudn't put it in a show or anything. I learned also not to pay ahead. Once she had the money, she just threw it out any old way. Sad. Looks like you take pride in your work. Thank you for sharing.
Quiltingcan Be Fun!