Monday, July 12, 2010

A Daughter Engaged!

My oldest daughter got engaged over the weekend. I'm so happy and excited for her. She is 26 and waited a long time to meet the man of her dreams! They just started dating 5 months ago but I guess when you're older and sure of your relationship there's no need to wait years. They are thinking of a December wedding. I've always hoped one of my daughters would get married in December. We have a lot of birthdays in December but a wedding would still be wonderful. I love everything about Christmas so it would be so fun to throw in a wedding. My daughter loves vintage. I'm wondering what she will choose as a wedding dress. Or will she want to sew her dress (which means a big commitment from me). My younger daughter who got married almost two years ago made her own wedding dress and it was absolutely beautiful. We actually had a great time sewing it. I learned a lot having it only my second wedding dress that I sewed. I would do it again (am I crazy)! Stay tuned as more will be posted soon. This is not the dress but a picture I found of a vintage wedding dress.

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