Sunday, June 6, 2010

What's In A Name?

I was curious today what would come up if I typed in machine quilting Tualatin OR in a Google search. The first page had me listed on three different business directories as a machine shop! That explains why I sometimes get calls from engine supply places looking for new business. One guy recently started his sales pitch and then midway through a sentence there was this pause and then he said "I'm just looking at your name, and I take it you don't service cars or sell parts -- you have the word quilting in your name", he started to laugh and said his wife quilts and that he could understand completely if I didn't want to purchase any mechanic tools from him. I guess when you have the word machine in your business name it's going to mean a lot of other things besides quilting. Maybe I'll get out in my husband's shop and try out a few tools!

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