Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Challenge of Design

I put this quilt on this morning. It's very large, a lot of open spaces, an exquisitely done quilt. It will most likely be on my machine for about a week. Not only because of it size, but it will require a lot of design work and that takes time. Sometimes the time is just spent in thinking. I did the top scalloped border and then when I got to the T-blocks I just couldn't see anything to quilt on them. Finding a design for that block online, I printed out a bunch of the blocks in black and white and then drew design ideas. Still wasn't convinced that any of them were right. I don't want to spend too many hours trying to figure this out. Hopefully I can sleep on my ideas tonight and know in the morning what I want to do! I'll post more as this quilt progresses and then it's final pictures. It is really beautiful.