Friday, May 21, 2010

View from my bedroom window

There's nothing quite like getting away from home and visiting my sister. She lives in the country and this photo is the view from my bedroom window. I think she has one of the prettiest ponds. Her son made it for her. Laying in bed at night with the window open and hearing the water running has been so rejuvanating. I love being here. My two sisters and I have shopped, watched a great movie (The Young Victoria), quilted, talked, gone out to eat, had coffee at Starbucks, walked in the country, all things that make for a great getaway. I feel relaxed. The first two days here were spent with my aunts and that was a good time. Laughing with them and seeing how they live life in their 80's (3 of them are, one is only late 60's) was encouraging. The oldest doesn't have good health, but she traveled here and was in great spirits.
Now today, the rest of my family arrives. Tomorrow is fun family times, and Sunday a family wedding. Monday I'm back home to my life!

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Jean said...

Thanks for the nice words about our pond. I wish we had that view and sound from our bedroom window!