Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Aunts

I am leaving this weekend for my parent's home to see my aunts. Three of my mother's sisters (she has 4) have flown in from different parts of the country to spend a week with my mom. Most of these aunts and my mother are in their 80's. I am so excited to see them. Not only because it most likely will be the last time on earth that I will have this chance, but also because I have great memories of times with them from my childhood. They are fun. I have had to work hard this week to get everything done so that I can be gone a week. Yesterday I was up and in my studio about 4 am. It's amazing how much one can do at that early hour. Today it's lots of errands to run and meals to plan for my family next week. This photo is really not my aunts -- just a photo of some aunts from the 1800's. Mine are not that old, but I thought it was a cute picture and reminded me of the aunts.

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grandmarockton said...

I to have Aunts (92 down) I'm seeing this week-end as thier brother is turning 95! Memories