Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quilting Memories

Probably the most special quilts are those that have some special meaning or purpose behind making them. I have a wonderful memory quilt that my sister made for our 25th wedding anniversary. It has a photo of my husband and I and several other memory items. I have made several photo quilts. When my 2nd daughter graduated from highschool, I made a photo quilt of her high school years. It turned out so cute. Then there was a photo quilt of grandchildren that I made my husband's mother when she was recovering from hip surgery. The photo quilt I made of my granddaughter, Leah Grace will always be a favorite. But my all-time best quilt that is packed with memories and hours and hours of work is Leah's Spring quilt.

Today is Leah's first birthday. Last year at this time, we were in amazement that she had survived the birth and actually seemed to be doing pretty well. She surprised all predictions of a very short life that was only supposed to be hours long at most, by living 99 days. Her life was precious and those who cared for her were filled with joy at seeing her conquer odds and pass milestones that seemed improbable. I will forever associate the first day of spring, March 20, with Leah. Today was extra special, it was a beautiful day outside. Everything seems to be in bloom. Best of all it was a day to remember the precious gift of life that was Leah's life.

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Pat said...

Your quilts are breathtaking. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!