Saturday, December 26, 2009

Planning for the new year

I love the break between Christmas and the New Year. The busyness is basically over. Sure there's the clean up from Christmas but the pressure is off. So it's time to think about a new year. I like to plan, make goals, compile a few lists, etc. I have to see things checked off in order to feel the sense of accomplishment. My lists will be projects to complete, financial planning/goals for my business, family projects, personal goals and things I hope to accomplish around my home. This year is exciting because it looks the kitchen and dining room will get a mini-make over. It would be nice to do something major but finances won't permit that. New floors are going in and hopefully that will be followed by a little rearranging of the dining room and new countertops. That's very exciting to look forward to. The flooring already sits in boxes piled up downstairs. It helps to have a son-in-law in the flooring business. I'll post pictures as this starts to turn into reality.

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Luci said...

Can you tell me the artist of this painting? I would like to use it for a school project, but I need the title and artist.