Friday, December 18, 2009

Open House Event

Yesterday was so fun at my open house. About 25 came and visited, had coffee or tea, ate a bowl of soup, wandered around my house and just had a great relaxing time together. I enjoyed it so much. My two daughters and son-in-law worked the espresso machine. The coffees and chai teas were absolutely amazing. It really helps to have a daughter who works at Starbucks and also owns her own fabulous espresso maker. My granddaughter came over too and I was able to give her the Christmas quilt that I had finished for her. It had machine embroidered pictures of the nativity story in each block. I traded a customer work for the embroidered blocks. It was great to see lots of quilt customers and friends drop in and celebrate Christmas with me.

The open house turned out so well that I think it will become an annual event.

The photo is of my quilt studio tree -- all decked out with spools of thread, buttons and measuring tape for the garland.

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Donna said...

I loved your open house! It was so inviting and inspiring!