Monday, November 16, 2009

Cats and Quilting

We lost one of our cats this summer. He probably was injured and disappeared, but we never found him. It was really hard for me because he was a favorite. Even though his name was Data, most often we just called him 'boy'. When I was working around the house he often found a place to sleep close by. He was always interested in what I was doing. So the loss of boy was really hard.

In January a new kitty adopted our family. I just found him in the garage one day and he decided to stay. He obviously had not been fed as he was skin and bones, but he seemed really friendly. We tried to find a new home for him but after several tries on Craig's List and asking around, it was decided that our home would be his new home. So we named him, New Kitty. It's interesting that since losing boy, new kitty has kind of taken his place. He now follows me around and often sleeps where I'm working. If I lay out a quilt on the floor, he immediately comes and sits in the middle of it (why do cats do that?). I'm glad to always have a cat around while quilting. I've renamed him Buster but the rest of the family still calls him new kitty.

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