Monday, August 10, 2009

Week of Sewing and Quilting

It's the week before fair. For some of you who read this blog, you know what that means. Kate has entered about 6 things and as usual, we only have one of them completed. And since I am a 4-H superintendent of clothing, knitting and crocheting out at the Clackamas County Fair, I also have a bundle of things to finish up before Saturday. I have the raffle quilt hanging in my studio for the 4-H raffle. It's a beautiful quilt and I plan to have it quilted by Saturday. Then there's the paperwork -- piles of it. So this week will probably mostly consist of helping my daughter get her sewing projects completed, filling out the paperwork, checking to be sure I have everything covered for my unbelievable busy week that I will have next week, and getting that raffle quilt done. I would have to say, though, I love fair and seeing what all these 4-H kids create. I'm so glad that most of my children have participated in 4-H and I think as adults it has helped them in many areas of life. I'll post a picture of the raffle quilt as soon as it's mostly completed. Everyone should head out to the fairgrounds next week (Tuesday - Sunday) and purchase a raffle ticket. The sales aren't usually huge so your odds of winning are pretty good.

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like a busy week for sure. I'm going to have to look at our calendar and pick a day for the fair. Always a fun time.