Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacation Quilting

I must admit that my idea of a perfect vacation is a quiet place, a beautiful view, a good book and some handwork. There is a time and place for adventure and all sorts of entertainment but a true vacation is rest, relaxation and a chance to have 'down time'. I always take handwork along. I love to applique, embroider, knit, crochet and attach bindings. I just love handwork. Sometimes it's good during a movie. In fact I know some quilters who measure their time to hand stitch bindings on in terms of a 2 movie binding or a 3 movie binding, etc.

Tomorrow we leave on vacation. I plan to take my quilt, Leah's Spring, and work on the applique in the center block. I also have another quilt along (my brown quilt) that needs a lot more applique work before it will be complete. I'm taking some knitting. Of course probably only one of these will see any progress, but having a variety of handwork options always seems like a good idea on vacation. Where we are going there will be things to do, pools to swim in, hikes to take, bikes to ride, canoes to paddle down a river, etc. Most likely my family will enjoy those things immensely and I'll spend some of our time participating. My handwork, though, will be my true vacation!

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