Monday, February 16, 2009

Three Hour Project

Sometimes it's just fun to do a quick project. So today I made a new purse. From start to finish it was 3 hours (and that was with a lunch and tea break). Yesterday I was at a fabric store and saw some remnants for half off. They had some cute ones so I bought a bunch. Most of them cost me between 65 cents and $4.00. What a bargain! I needed a gift for my sister's birthday so today I sewed her a new purse. I didn't have a pattern -- but who needs patterns. I looked at some bags in a quilt magazine and started cutting and sewing. It turned out wonderful. The fabric was decorator fabric so it was heavier than quilting cotton. I lined the whole bag, put an antique button on it, took some photos and now it's ready to be shipped off for her birthday. Happy Birthday, sister! (I hope you don't read this before Friday)

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