Monday, February 16, 2009

Quilt Backs Can Be Interesting

The beauty of a plain back is the whole cloth quilt look that can be seen on a beautifully quilted top. Sometimes, though, the back of a quilt can be made more creative than just a plain back. I've had customers who have added strips or squares from the top fabric. One customer put a large label across the back with the person's name and date embroidered through the center. Extra blocks can be added to the back for a more interesting look. Sometimes new blocks are even used which could make the quilt reversible. A centered square in the back can add interest but is also a bit of a challenge to get centered when the quilt is being quilted. My only caution is not to let your quilt get too thick with multiply layers on both top and back. It's a machine quilters nighmare to be quilting along (at a high speed) and hit a spot where many layers come together on both the top and the back. It's only happened to me once but the noise of the needle literally exploding when it hit this spot, caused a shriek from me that could probably be heard all through the house!

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