Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm Still Alive!!

No I haven't died nor has anything bad happened to me.  I am still alive and still quilting.  You would not think so by looking at the last post on my blog.  So let me explain!
Last February I took a part-time job as a secretary/bookkeeper at my church.  I now work Monday through Thursday 8 or 9 until noon and sometimes even in the afternoon.  That has been a huge change for me and a pretty big learning curve especially in the bookkeeping area.  But I have really enjoyed this new adventure.
So I quilt less than before and this year am on a mission to do less customer quilts and more of my own quilting, especially some of those show quilts I have rattling around in my head.
At the end of last summer, I finished up an embroidery quilt called Farm Fresh Produce by Crabapple Hill. This was a quilt I had to make.  My own yard has become a bit of a farm over the last years with a huge garden and chickens pecking around the place.  I also manage a community garden and teach gardening and canning classes.  So this quilt fit right in with my life.  And it won a 3rd place ribbon at the NW Quilt Expo in September!

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