Monday, September 26, 2011

Wholecloth Quilting

It's done -- the wholecloth quilt.  It's a wedding gift for my daughter and her husband.  I hope they like it.  Here's my evaluation:  I like the basics of the design a lot.  The idea of random circles in the first border was fun and turned out well.  The center circle is interesting with all the filler ideas in each circle around the leaf vine.  It was hard to come up with 22 different ideas to fill those circles.  I love the fabric color.  It is a silver and has a shine to it that is really nice.  What I would do differently:  I think the quilt needed some other design introduced somewhere.  My daughter didn't want a quilt that was heavily quilted for their bed so that really limited me on what I wanted to do as filler in many areas.  I would have chosen to fill in the center circle around the vine and leaves with something very small.  The area in the center square would have been nicer with a small design too (in my estimation).  But all in all, I'm happy with the overall look.  It has made me think of some ideas for another wholecloth that might be show worthy.  I do love wholecloths even though they take a lot of time.  One of the pictures show my kitties who were constant companions in the quilting.  They chased every thread and binding piece; they continually walked on the quilt even while the machine was running, Tux took a liking to the pins on the magnetic pin cushion and Wolverine decided that he could carry my wrist pin cushion around the house (I found it under the dining room table one day).  Normally I don't let the cats near customer quilts and keep the door to my studio closed but since I know how much my daughter likes cats I thought they should help with this quilt!  :)


Emma said...

It's beautiful; the circle theme is terrific, and I really like the use of the different fillers! I love wholecloths; I'm in the process of finalising a design for a wholecloth on black which I'm hoping will be worth showing.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

It's beautiful and very unique. Your daughter will love it.

Cheryl said...

I really like how it turned out! Beautiful quilt, and I think the open spaces are good too. Complete, but not overly quilted and stiff. Tux and Wolverine are cute too!

The Michigonians said...

Looks very elegant, Laurie. I like it a lot. It was nice to meet you at the wedding on Friday. Hope to see you again soon.