Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two types of quilting

I wanted to post two pictures of very similar quilts.  The one is the raffle quilt for 4-H and the other is a customer quilt.  They are both the same fabric line and very similar in design.  The one with the small red sashing is the 4-H raffle quilt and took a lot of time to quilt.  The other quilt doesn't have the same blank space and the customer didn't want to spend a fortune on the quilting so I did an all-over pattern in the center.  Also on this quilt, instead of doing a double line half circle design in the plain border, I did a single line design.  So the cost was lower on this second quilt, yet I think it is still beautifully quilted.

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Desley said...

It is always interesting to see the same or similar quilt with different quilting. Thank you for sharing.